10 Household Mistakes That Stand in the Way of a Cozy Home

A clean home is the dream of every homeowner, but we make the littlest mistakes. So, while we buy the newest cleaning tools and cleaners, dirt is lurking in every unusual place. So, if you think your home is spotless, think again.

How many of you think your kitchen is the cleanest room in the house? Well, if you thought so, you are WRONG. A study revealed that the kitchen might look clean, but it is the home’s dirtiest room. The report went further to stamp down on the humble cleaning sponge as the number of pathogen-breeding objects in the kitchen.

Yeah, if you are wondering as we are, that is gross. Cleaning your home is a spontaneous habit because dirt or dirtiness is harmful. Besides, a clean home is a cozy atmosphere and a healthy place. Simple chores like cleaning the knobs, windows, and doors or even how you place the tissue paper can reduce germs in the home.

So, while some are unintentional mistakes, others are serious blunders that could infect and cause illnesses. To get started, we have compiled ten household cleaning or hygiene habits that we do wrongly. These simple mistakes look merger but are dangerous to our health and make our homes unsafe.

1. What’s on the doorknobs/handles?

What is your choice for a door handle – wood, plastic, glass, or metal? Second question, how often do you clean your doorknobs? We mean all the handles around the home – doors, and cabinets.

Today, door knobs come in different varieties and shapes. Some are very attractive, and others are simply “wow.”” The wrong handle can be a breeding ground for germs to spread inside your home as good as they look. So, choose the most hygienic each time.

Which is the safest? If you thought stainless steel or plastic, then wrong again. These two popular knob materials are breeding ground for pathogens. However, brass is safe because of its anti-pathogen and self-cleaning properties. This brass property is called the oligodynamic effect, which is its ability to self-sanitize, kill, and mitigate the spread of germs.

So, the next time you decide to buy door knobs, remember they are the most touched object in the home. Hence choose a self-cleansing material like brass.



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