Top Online Colleges That Do Not Require an Application Fee

State College of Chadron

As a school that has been approved by the Higher Learning Commission North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, Chadron is known for providing high-quality education at a low price. A fee-free online application process, great federal financial aid, and a wide range of online programs from Agriculture to Theater show that they want everyone who wants to learn to get a degree to have the chance.

Maryville College

Maryville University has a very wide range of online programs for students. They can get a degree in about 30 undergraduate majors and about half of the graduate programs. Accounting, Forensic Psychology, Nursing, Computer Science, Business, Administration, and a lot more are some of the courses available.

The college was founded in 1872. It is authorized by the HLC Higher Learning Commission and has been named one of the best online colleges by Forbes, Kiplinger, Money Magazine, and other groups. Within six months of graduation, 97% of Maryville students have a job in their profession of choice. There isn’t a charge to start your application on the web.

Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University is the oldest Catholic university in the United States, and it has more than 40 programs for students who want to get an online education. They have online undergraduate programs in Computer Information Systems, Homeland Security, Industrial Psychology, Project Management, and many other fields. If you’re interested, the school has recently added a degree in Cannabis Science and Operations, and they also have a fully online nursing degree.

SLU has a lot of options for people who want to get a master’s degree. There are Cybersecurity, Strategic Intelligence, Analytics, and four more. The school also has a lot of certification programs. There is a virtual tour that students can take to learn more about the admission requirements. As a first step, the college gives people who want to study there a chance to apply online for free.

Loyola University in Chicago.

US News and World Report say that Loyola University Chicago is one of the best online colleges founded in 1870. It is a Catholic university that was founded then. The school has BA programs in Applied Psychology, Applied Studies, Information Technology, Management, Digital Communication, Nursing, and other programs. If you desire to get a graduate degree, Loyola is also a great place to go. There are 16 different schemes to choose from, including Public Health and Bioethics.

People who live away from school can use technology and academic help because they have been offering online degrees for more than a decade. There is no application fee, and students don’t have to pay to send their transcripts. The rolling deadline makes the application process easy.

University of Colorado, Boulder

Colorado Technical University has some of the best online degree programs for people who want to work in their field and keep up with the times. The school has been approved by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association to help people get better jobs at the associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels.

CTU is based on an immersive, hands-on learning model. Military Times magazine has named it the best online school for military veterans, and Diverse Issues in Higher Education has named it one of the top 10 online schools for minorities. It doesn’t matter that CTU is one of the most well-known top online colleges. You can apply to CTU online and pay no extra fee.

University of  American Sentinel

US News and World Report say that American Sentinel University has one of the best online graduate nursing programs in the whole country. The Distance Education & Training Council says that American Sentinel University is one of the best accredited online colleges in the United States.

You can get help from a success advisor as you go through the online degree programs at ASU. You can get degrees in Information Systems Management and Computer Science and Healthcare Informatics, Geographic Information Systems, Business Administration, and Business Intelligence.

In addition to giving everyone who wants to college a free online college application, the University accepts federal student aid, in-house financing, employer reimbursement, and military benefits to make college more affordable.

State University of Southern New Hampshire

Southern New Hampshire University has 200+ programs that range from certificates to doctoral level degrees for undergraduate and graduate students. As of June 2020, there will be no application fee for undergraduate and graduate students.

You can get help with your computer and get online tutoring at this private, non-profit school, which is one of the cheapest online colleges on our list. There are six undergraduate and five graduate terms each year at the school, which is focused on getting people into jobs. If you want to go to this school, you have to have a good GPA. The school has programs that can work with any GPA score.

Norwich University, England.

Norwich University is the first exclusive military college in the United States to offer leadership training to cadets and civilian students. It is in the small town of Northfield, Vermont. There are programs in Cybersecurity and Criminal Justice; Data Analytics; Business; and Nursing on the virtual online college campus for undergrads.

A way for students to get a graduate degree in diplomacy, architecture, history, and more is available at the master’s level. They can also get a degree in business administration, civil engineering, history, criminal justice, public administration, and more.

Norwich University pays for the entire cost of the college application and accepts a lot of different types of financial aid. Having 24/7 technical support and a dedicated team of advisors means that remote students have all the help they need to succeed. If you’re looking into online schools that don’t charge you to apply, make sure you don’t forget Norwich.

Johnson and Wales

Small class sizes, one-on-one advising, flexible credit transfer policies, and the same high-quality teaching that the Johnson and Wales College of Online Education has been known for in its 100-year history are all available to students who want to learn from home at the college. Students may apply for undergraduate degrees in Hospitality, Business, Fashion Merchandising, Engineering, and 30 more fields with free application costs.

You can get your master’s degree in a wide range of fields. These include Global Tourism and Sustainable Economic Development and Sport Leadership, Operations and Supply Chain Management, and a lot more. Many different types of credentials are also available, like certificates, associate degrees, and doctoral level degrees. As an assistant to the free application process, the school has a lot of options for getting money to pay for school.

The Ashworth College

Ashworth College has been fully accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) and has an A+ ranking from the Better Business Bureau. Ashworth College is often ranked as one of the best online colleges for high-quality distance education. Located in Norcross, GA, the online college is also approved by the Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission to teach in career and technical training and associate, bachelor, and master’s degree programs. This means that the college can teach these programs.

Criminal justice, human resources, marketing, and education are just a few of the degrees available. Ashworth is committed to providing high-quality online learning opportunities through a 100% free college application. The motto is “Education on Your Terms.”

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